How to Raise Arowana Fish From Home

Purple and Pink Jelly Fish

Arowana are very interesting fish. Lots of folks who raise Arowana as pets, choose the silver Arowana fish. In the end, folklore says that owning an Arowana can lead to good fortune and ward off evil spirits. Seems like great reasons to me for owning one of these fish.
The fish is exceptional looking, elongated with a body that is covered in silvery scales. The fish is also known for its short head and rigid jaw.
Even though the Arowana is a very pretty fish, it’s very much a predator. Since the fish has the power to literally jump out of the water, it can snag animals from low hanging tree branches and brush. As pets, this fish is known for often jumping from their fish tanks. This especially happens when they are spooked by loud noises and other disturbances.
Also, because of the fish’s competitive nature, it’s known for eating tank mates and even attacking other Arowana. To put it differently, it’s hard for these guys to make friends in the fish tank.
Not only are these fish tough themselves, they’re also tough to raise at home. To raise these fish by yourself, you need a very large tank. Most experts recommend a fish tank that’s at least 250 gallons. That is because a full-grown Arowana can get to 47 inches . And having a little tank wouldn’t allow them to float around and turn as needed.
For Arowana, the temperature should be between 75 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit (24-30 C) and the pH should be held between 6.5 and 7.5.
Since the fish is so aggressive, adding other fish into the fish tank can be complicated. However, it is likely to find tank mates for the fish. For example, occasionally Oscars, Jack Dempsey fish, and catfish can work. Having said that, there’s absolutely no guarantee due to the aggressive nature of the fish.
The Silver Arowana can be difficult to increase in the home, proper care is vital to be successful. But, increasing them can also be a very rewarding hobby.

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